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Skidsteers Blog

  • The Search for the Best Skid Steer

    For anyone looking for a skid steer but not knowing which brand to buy, the forum members of Heavy Equipment Forums have discussed this topic and recommended some brands, and gave their thoughts on why the said manufacturers were good choices. The forum thread was started by Bubba, who wants to buy a skid steer and wanted to find out what others think is best in terms of initial cost, maintenance cost, and the downtime of skid steers. If you are like Bubba, you probably would get some novel and helpful ideas from this forum thread.
  • Case IH Continues Long-Standing Support of FFA

    If you are looking for a skid steer to buy and you want to get one of the most tricked-out models from CASE, then you are in luck. Curtis Goettel is auctioning a one-of-a-kind skid steer. Just to see how tricked and different this skid steer is from those that are currently available in the market, check out this article written by Curtis Goettel in the National FFA organization blog. You can also find out how you will be helping people in need if you were to buy the skid steer.
  • Minimize Skid Steer Risks Through Training

    In today’s age, skid steers are one of the most important pieces of farming equipment. As Dean Ross explains in her article, more and more farms are using skid steers to help them in their farm work. According to her, every skid steer owner can minimize skid steer risks through training. Her article will explain why it is beneficial for skid steer owners to undergo training and train other people who would be handling the equipment. This article will be very important for anyone who owns a skid steer and is looking for ways on how they can improve their skills...
  • Choosing Your Skid Steer

    We all know that there are many skid steer uses.  They are not just used for moving building materials - there are a lot of other uses outside the construction site, too.  Choosing a skid steer is not an easy decision as they don't usually come cheap. You need to decide on many things when buying a skid steer like whether you should buy a mini skid steer or a regular skid steer. When choosing between a regular sized skid steer and a mini sized one, D. Swain explains why a mini skid steer is sometimes a better choice. In his...
  • Five Advantages of Mini Skid Steer Loaders

    A skid steer is one of the largest equipment often used and needs a big space to store and operate. If you are getting a skid steer, are you sure about the size of the model that you will buy?  D. Swain wrote down five advantages of mini skid steer loaders over the regular-sized skid steers.  You read all about it in the post and maybe you will find out that you really did not need a regular sized skid steer after all. This article will be very helpful for first time skid steer buyers who are unsure of which to...
  • How to Drive a Skid Steer Loader

    If it is your first time to handle a skid steer, you might be surprised to see that there are no steering wheels to control the machine. Instead, you get two joysticks. To help you learn how to operate a skid steer, Traci Vandermark wrote a step-by-step guide on how to drive a skid steer loader. Those who do not want to read a lengthy manual or do not have anyone to teach them how to operate a skid steer, this step-by-step guide will be a great help in understanding the basic operation of skid steers.
  • Buying a Quality Used Skid Steer

    If you are planning to buy a skid steer any time soon, but have no idea what to look for or how to choose one, Artgib wrote a guide on what to look for and check before buying a skid steer.  Artgib describes basic information about what a skid steer is and then guides the reader in buying their own.  Artgib's article on Buying a Quality Used Skid Steer will be helpful for anyone who wants to know whether they should buy a brand new skid steer or buy a used one, and explains the reason why it will be...
  • Choosing the Best Skid Steer

    Skid steers come in many different sizes. The size directly influences the way that particular machine can be used. While a smaller loader is the better choice for landscaping a house’s backyard, a larger one is needed for road building and other jobs involving heavy lifting. A clear knowledge on the limitations of a specific skid steer with regard to its size will help you determine which one is the best for you. Greg Rostberg provides valuable information on the diverse uses of the various skid steers.
  • Staying Safe While Using a Skid Steer

    Before using a skid steer for the first time, it is important - as with any other machine - that you carefully read the user manual and familiarize yourself with the right way to operate the loader. Keith Allen, in his article on skid steer safety, briefly explains the safety measures to take to avoid any accidents while using this equipment.
  • Summary of the week March 4th 2014

    This week, we went over the following topics: As a guide for contractors or construction employers, Agriville has opened up its forums for a thread on the things to look for in skid steers. Aside from choosing skid steers to buy, there are other topics and issues that operators may have to ask. A good place to get information and support with this is The Skid Steer Forum. Skid steers increase the efficiency of the work that can be done in a shorter amount of time and with less effort. To learn how they work and operate, Karim Nice shares...

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