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Can Skid Steers Do This?

We all know that skid steers are very valuable equipment in any farm or construction site. Skid steers can be and are used on different jobs. There are so many people who rely on skid steers to complete tasks. Because of the many uses and the range of possible attachments, there are people who  get curious on the types of things that these machines are able to do.

In the post by tmc_31 from The Heavy Equipment Forums, he asked if a skid steer can be used as drilling equipment if the proper drilling mechanism is attached to it. (Read more from his thread “Water Well Drilling Using A Skid Steer.”) As the forum members said, the skid steer doesn’t have enough power or weight to support a drilling attachment which is capable of drilling wells. They said that while skid steers are powerful, this is not enough to support a drilling attachment. Others said that there are no available attachments which will allow it to dig wells.

Brad62, on the other hand, asked if a skid steer is capable of picking rocks where his rock picker failed to (Read more from his thread in The Combine Forum entitled “Using a Skid Steer To Pick Rocks.”) Brad62 said that his rock picker was not able to pick some rocks which made him do the picking by hand.  The forum members said that it is possible, however, unlike using a rock picker which gives you the proper altitude to really see what you will be doing, the low height of the skid steer may hinder you from seeing what you are doing or where you are going.

For people who think that skid steers are just for work, the video of Eugistar shows that they can also be used to have some fun. Anyone skilled enough in driving a skid steer can make it balance on its two hind wheels while it spins and twists, almost like dancing. The video shows, not only the driver’s skills but also the balance of the engineering done on the skid steer.

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