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Skid Steer Attachments

  • How to measure skid loader tires

    So you need a new set of tires for your skid steer and don’t know which size you need. The typical skid steer tire comes in 4 different sizes. However this varies depending on if the tire is a pneumatic air filled skid steer tires or solid skid steer tire. How to read tire sizes for a skid steers First, let’s go over the air filled skid steer tires. The four common air filled tires are 10.5-15, 10x16.5, 12x16.5, and 14x17.5. The first number is the section width of the tire. The second number is the rim (wheel) size. For...
  • How Much Does Tree Removal Cost

    How much does tree removal cost?  The only honest answer is “It depends!” The cost to remove a tree or trees will vary based on a number of factors.  Tree removal costs fluctuate based on the location of the tree.  By location, we mean is it on a commercial property or a residential property?  What geographical region is it in? Also, how close is the tree to buildings, powerlines and other potential obstructions. What makes tree removal more complicated The type, size and condition of the tree also can dictate the cost to remove it.  Trees that are prone to...
  • Skidsteer Tree Planting Using A Tree Bit VS. A Straight Auger Bit

    Planting a tree using a tree bit versus a straight auger bit Recently a customer asked me for a little advice on the use of a tree bit vs. a regular straight bit for drilling holes. He had several acres of trees to plant, so he was in the right direction using his skid steer and auger system.  I know that this is not in 50 words or less but here is my advice, based on experience. The tree bit will drill a hole that is narrower at the bottom. If you think about a half moon bottom, or a...
  • Skid Steer Snow Buckets - Built Right!

    Many attachment companies claim to fabricate a long lasting snow bucket, so how do our skid steer snow buckets set us apart from them? The best snow buckets are light but durable. The best snow buckets stand up over time to the constant scraping, heavy loads, and abrasion from salt. All of these conditions were put to the test when choosing the best snow bucket for our customers. For starters our snow buckets are fully welded and fabricated with 3/16" American Made Steel. The bucket is then reinforced with reinforcement tube across the back of the bucket. The bucket is...
  • Converting Your Skid Steer From A Non-Universal Machine To A Universal Quick Attach

    Several times a week we receive phone calls from customers frustrated that most, if not all, new attachments come with a universal mounting plates already welded to the bucket, or other attachment they need. In most instances for them to get the same attachment they must wait for a new attachment to be fabricated and pay an up charge for the correct non-universal mounting plate they need to fit their older style skid steer. It becomes a real headache for them. Here is a suggestion, why not change your machine over to a universal quick attach machine? This is something...
  • Myth! - You Must Have A High Flow Machine To Accomplish Any Sort Of Brush Cutting

    What makes our Brush Cutters better than the competitions? Does my skid steer need to be a high flow machine in order to use a brush cutter effectively? Well in the article below given to us by the manufacturer Blue Diamond Attachments, we will answer these questions and much more! One of the common myths with brush cutters is that you must have a high flow machine to accomplish any sort of heavy brush cutting. In the past, this may have been the case, but since Blue Diamond Attachments came out with the direct drive four blade brush cutter, this...
  • Skid Steer Buckets: Know Your Material Weights

    Skid steers are heavy pieces of machinery built for efficiency and labor-saving in industries like construction, landscaping, farming and mining. They have lift arms which are used to attach a wide variety of skid steer attachments, including skid steer buckets. As a skid steer operator, it is important to know three different capacities before operating with a bucket attachment. These capacities include your tipping capacity, and the two types of bucket capacities, heap capacity and struck capacity. Tipping capacity is the most important of the 3 capacities that you should be aware of. Tipping capacity refers to the amount of...
  • Uses for Skid Steer Grapples

    Skid steer grapples can be used in various ways to serve different purposes. Grapples are the arms at the read of a skid steer and are used for grasping heavy objects like wooden logs. Leslie Mitchell  writes about three different functions of skid steer grapples based on how they are used. Under normal operation, the grapples open from the sides. In another position, the grapples can open at the top and are are used for carrying more payload than in the normal position. Cable skidder means using a winch line which is attached to the objects for pulling them in...
  • How To Make a Skid Steer Attachment

    If you are wondering where all the other skid steer owners get their attachments, then you may be surprised to know that while some of them were bought, most were just manually made. Learn how to make a skid steer attachment from a video uploaded by danyscam. The video will show you an example of how an attachment can be made at home. What kind of attachment is it? Watch the video here: How To: Make a Skid Steer Attachment.
  • Skid Steer Boom Attachment

    Skid steers can have different attachments depending on what their owner needs. For those thinking about having a boom attachment on their skid steer, the Miller forum members started a thread to discuss this concern. If you are a skid steer owner wondering if a boom attachment will allow the skid steer to lift a 500 pound weight without lifting the back tires, then this forum thread will shed some light about the boom attachment for skid steers. Read about the thread here.

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