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Skid Steers

  • Summary of Posts: April 22nd 2014

    This week we have discussed the following topics: Before using any equipment, including skid steers, you should read the instructions from the manual and be familiar with the equipment’s safety features and controls. eHow contributor Keith Allen discusses other skid steer safety measures to be considered. Skid steers are not limited to only one function. In fact, they can be considered as a “jack-of-all-trades.” Find out the many uses of a skid steer  to make the most of this equipment. Before you buy a skid steer, you should know the basic information about this piece of equipment and how to...
  • Skid Steer Rates

    Do you want to rent a skid steer but you don’t have any idea on the reasonable rates for getting one? Well, ‘Thomlynn05’ asked in the Plowsite forums about just this concern. He wants to know the rates for renting a 50hp skid steer with an 8-foot pusher in Rhode Island. Check the elaborate replies on this forum thread, to get an idea of what skid steer owners charge and what these rates depend on.
  • Skid Steer Accident!

    If you would like to have a little laugh from all the things that are being discussed about how skid steers work, ‘Chaldoking6969’ has compiled a video on that. Titled “Skid steer Accident ! Must watch”, it shows what happens when someone forces a skid steer to perform some hard task. Be ready for some real tickling on your funny bones.
  • Skid Steers Rebound

    If you are shopping around for a good second hand skid steer, then you just need to look at Greg Peterson’s post on, titled “Skid Steer Rebound.” Here you will find some of the best used skid steers that are being auctioned, complete with some useful data which will help you decide which one you should get. This is a one stop site for all those who want to compare different skid steers that are currently being auctioned.
  • Summary of Posts: April 12 2014

    This week we discussed the following topics: We learned that we can minimize skid steer risk through training in Dean Rose’s article. We also learned in this article how we can get training and where we can get it. We also found out what other people think are the best brands of skid steer for most people. The thread started by Bubba in Heavy Equipment forums told us that most people think that Bobcat is one of the best skid steer brands followed by Case and CAT. A thread in the Miller’s forums created by Blackroc entitled “Skid steer boom...
  • Before You Buy a Skid Steer

    Buying a skid steer will take a lot of thinking through because there are a lot of things to consider. One of the biggest questions is regarding which brand of skid steer to buy. While there are only a handful of manufacturers who manufacture skid steers, it is still hard to choose which one to get. This problem was encountered by Bubba, who later posted a thread in the Heavy Equipment forum asking people what they think is the best skid steer brand and why.  The forum members mentioned numerous brands like Bobcat, Case, and CAT. Bobcat was the most...
  • Loading and Unloading a Dump Truck with a Skid Steer

    If you are wondering if a skid steer is capable of loading soil or other things onto your dump truck, then the video uploaded by wagner59270 will show you if it can really be done. The video will show a mini skid steer and a regular sized dump truck as the skid steer tries to load soil into the back of it. If you own a skid steer and want to use it to load a dump truck with soil, sand, or something else, this video will help you get the job done. Watch the video on how a skid...
  • Skid Steer Boom Attachment

    Skid steers can have different attachments depending on what their owner needs. For those thinking about having a boom attachment on their skid steer, the Miller forum members started a thread to discuss this concern. If you are a skid steer owner wondering if a boom attachment will allow the skid steer to lift a 500 pound weight without lifting the back tires, then this forum thread will shed some light about the boom attachment for skid steers. Read about the thread here.
  • The Search for the Best Skid Steer

    For anyone looking for a skid steer but not knowing which brand to buy, the forum members of Heavy Equipment Forums have discussed this topic and recommended some brands, and gave their thoughts on why the said manufacturers were good choices. The forum thread was started by Bubba, who wants to buy a skid steer and wanted to find out what others think is best in terms of initial cost, maintenance cost, and the downtime of skid steers. If you are like Bubba, you probably would get some novel and helpful ideas from this forum thread.
  • Case IH Continues Long-Standing Support of FFA

    If you are looking for a skid steer to buy and you want to get one of the most tricked-out models from CASE, then you are in luck. Curtis Goettel is auctioning a one-of-a-kind skid steer. Just to see how tricked and different this skid steer is from those that are currently available in the market, check out this article written by Curtis Goettel in the National FFA organization blog. You can also find out how you will be helping people in need if you were to buy the skid steer.

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