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Choosing Your Skid Steer

We all know that there are many skid steer uses.  They are not just used for moving building materials - there are a lot of other uses outside the construction site, too.  Choosing a skid steer is not an easy decision as they don't usually come cheap. You need to decide on many things when buying a skid steer like whether you should buy a mini skid steer or a regular skid steer. When choosing between a regular sized skid steer and a mini sized one, D. Swain explains why a mini skid steer is sometimes a better choice. In his article “Five Advantages of Mini Skid Steer Loaders” he says that mini skid steers are more controllable, will give the operator a better visibility of what he is doing,  can change different attachments easier, and because of their smaller size can be stored easier.

Furthermore, is it better to buy a brand new skid steer or a used one? Artgib wrote a guide, "Buying a Quality Used Skid Steer," describing the advantages of buying a used one. He explains that buying a used model will save you a lot of money. Some even work as good as new if you choose properly. Artgib teaches the buyer on what to look for when shopping for a used skid steer and says that careful examination of the body will show you if the skid steer is still in good condition or not. For example, if the skid steer has a paint job or has numerous decals on different parts, it is usually a sign that it might have had some serious damage.  Another tip mentioned in his article is to look at the number of hours clocked up to find out how much use it has had.

Still, the most important thing to do before buying a used skid steer is to test-run it before making the purchase.

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