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Focus on Skid Steer Safety

We all know how useful skid steers are; there are many industries that make use of skid steers. On the other hand, having a skid steer can also make a work place dangerous. It may look smaller than other pieces of heavy equipment, but it can still cause damage to health and property when not used properly. Let us now take a look at some mishaps that some skid steer operators suffered from.

The news article posted in, “Reversing skid steer loader crushes crown jewels,” tells the story of a man who was handling some garbage when he was suddenly run down by a reversing skid steer. The victim, a 23-year-old man, sustained what the doctor said was a soft tissue injury of the groin. The victim was taken to the hospital and was not able to return to work for several weeks. The waste company was fined by the HSE for not correctly implementing safety procedures in the working area. They say that the accident should not have happened if the waste company had properly trained their employees with safety procedures when using equipment like skid steers.

On the lighter side, a video uploaded by chaldoking6969, which he called “Skid steer Accident! Must watch,” also shows a skid steer accident.  This accident is actually one of the funnier ones which can happen to any skid steer operator. When trying to load soil on a the back of the dump truck, the skid steer operator made a mistake and he ended up being covered by soil. Nonetheless, we are reminded that we should be careful when using skid steers and we should never force the skid steer to do something that it is already having difficulty with.

These two stories are both reminders of how dangerous using skid steers can be for both the driver and other people in the vicinity where the skid steer is working. Skid steer operators should be responsible enough to be always mindful of everything that is happening to the skid steer and how he is handling it. If not, he can cause an accident to others or to himself.

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