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JCB is on a Roll!

This week, the new skid steer models from JCB are making news in the skid steer world. According to Stian Overdahl, JCB is releasing 17 new skid steer models soon. He said in his article “JCB unveils range of 17 new skid steer models” that the new skid steers will be available in both wheeled and threaded design and with both vertical and radial lifts.

Additional information on the 17 skid steer models is written by Hub360 in the article “NEW GENERATION SKID STEERS OFFER UNIQUE SAFETY FEATURES PLUS POWER AND PRODUCTIVITY.” According to the article, the 17 new skid steers are divided into 10 wheeled skid steers and 7 threaded skid steers. Single loader arms and side door entry are just some of the new things that can be expected from the new JCB skid steers. But as the author of the article says, the main difference will come from what is under the hood of the skid steer as the new skid steers are safer. They are also more efficient, and user friendly than any skid steer models so far.

Neil Lyon also talked about the new JCB skid steers in his article “JCB lifts bar on skid steer safety.” His article focuses on the safety features that JCB has installed in the new skid steer models such as the fully enclosed pressurized cabin, wide rear door, grouped filters, and much more!

It looks like JCB will be taking the skid steer world by storm when they release these new skid steers. But will people go for JCB’s offerings? We will find that out in the coming months.

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