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Skidsteers Blog

  • Choosing a Skid Steer Loader

    If you want to buy a skid steer, then you will have a lot of decisions to make because skid steers are not cheap, and consequently, you’ll have to make sure that the skid steer you buy is just the right one you need. Choosing a bigger or smaller skid steer than the one you really need will be a big waste of money. If you need help deciding how to buy skid steer, then read this article by Laurie Bedord as she discusses 8 tips that will help you choose the right skid steer.
  • Summary of Posts: May 14th 2014

    This week, we discussed the following topics regarding skid steers: In the Combine Forum, we learned in a thread that was started by Brad62 that while skid steers can be used as a rock picker, there is one big fault that makes it not a good choice for picking rocks and that is visibility. We also learned on The Heavy Equipment Forums, in a thread titled “Water Well Drilling Using a Skid Steer” which was started by tmc_31 that a skid steer do not have enough power to handle any kind of attachment which will allow it to dig a...
  • Can Skid Steers Do This?

    We all know that skid steers are very valuable equipment in any farm or construction site. Skid steers can be and are used on different jobs. There are so many people who rely on skid steers to complete tasks. Because of the many uses and the range of possible attachments, there are people who  get curious on the types of things that these machines are able to do. In the post by tmc_31 from The Heavy Equipment Forums, he asked if a skid steer can be used as drilling equipment if the proper drilling mechanism is attached to it. (Read...
  • Using a Skid Steer to Pick Rocks

    Brady62 started a thread in The Combine Forum where he asked the other forum members if it is viable to use a skid steer for picking rocks as his rock picker did not do an adequate job at it. He wants to know what other people think about his idea of using a skid steer instead. Learn what the other forum members thought of using a skid steer as a rock picker. See the full thread conversation from this forum discussion.
  • The Dance of Skid Steer Loaders

    If you think skid steers are boring because all they do is work, work, and more work - then you should think again! A video uploaded by Eugistar shows that a skid steer can be used to have fun as well! In the video, you will literally see a skid steer dancing to a beat. If have a skid steer and you think you are very good at handling it, then watch this video and see if you can copy what the driver did to his to make it dance. Watch the video of the dancing skid steer here.
  • Water Well Drilling with a Skid Steer

    Most people know that numerous kinds of attachments can be attached to the skid steer. tmc_31 asked in the Heavy Equipment Forum if a skid steer can have an attachment which will allow it to dig a well. Does a skid steer have that kind of attachment? Is the skid steer even capable of handling an attachment which will allow it to dig wells? Read about what the forum members had to say from the thread, “Water Well Drilling With a Skid Steer.”
  • Compact Track Loaders / Tracked Skid Steers... Whatever You Call Them

    For people looking for the best brand of tracked skid steer to buy, see the question posted by hshfarm on the Combine Forums. He asked his fellow members which he should buy from the CAT, Bobcat, and Deere models. The forum members responded with what they think is the best tracked skid steer. Read the discussion about what the best tracked skid steer is from the Combine Forum thread here.
  • How To Make a Skid Steer Attachment

    If you are wondering where all the other skid steer owners get their attachments, then you may be surprised to know that while some of them were bought, most were just manually made. Learn how to make a skid steer attachment from a video uploaded by danyscam. The video will show you an example of how an attachment can be made at home. What kind of attachment is it? Watch the video here: How To: Make a Skid Steer Attachment.
  • Summary of Posts: April 27th 2014

    This week, we discuss the following topics regarding skid steers: We learn through Greg Peterson’s article in, “Skid Steer Rebound,” that used case skid steers are now fetching better prices in auctions. We watch a hilarious video uploaded by chaldoking6969, “Skid steer Accident! Mustwatch =D,” which, however, is also a reminder of the constant hazards that skid steer operators face. This video teaches us to never force a skid steer to do something when it is already having some trouble. We learn in the thread started by thomlynn05 in the Plowsite forums titled “Skid Steer Rates?”  that the rates of the skid steer rental...
  • Focus on Skid Steer Safety

    We all know how useful skid steers are; there are many industries that make use of skid steers. On the other hand, having a skid steer can also make a work place dangerous. It may look smaller than other pieces of heavy equipment, but it can still cause damage to health and property when not used properly. Let us now take a look at some mishaps that some skid steer operators suffered from. The news article posted in, “Reversing skid steer loader crushes crown jewels,” tells the story of a man who was handling some garbage when he was suddenly run down by a reversing...

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