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  • Maintenance Series 3 - Attachment Maintenance

    Now for the business end of the machine. The end that determines ROI. It’s no longer just a bucket. There is such a wide ranging choice of attachments for almost every outdoor application you can think of . This includes farming, Landscaping, Construction, Snow removal, Forestry, Demolition, Recycling. And conservation. Did I miss anything? These attachments are built for every type of loader including the newer Mini Skid Steer Attachments. Taking care of these attachments is like watching your bank account to make sure it stays healthy. Below are some bullet points in making sure your account stays healthy. I...
  • Maintenance Series 2 - Skid Steer Track Maintenance

    We’re still where the rubber or steel meets the road. In this part of the series we’re going to discuss tracks. Tracks for over tires adds flotation to your loader for use in wet conditions creating less ground pressure per square inch. We do provide “Steel over Tire” Rubber over tire” tracks and of course the standard rubber track for your track machines. Let’s start with our Steel over tire tracks. The track we provide is made here in Wisconsin using patented “Marbain” Material. The tracks are self-cleaning and for the most part maintenance free under normal conditions. Periodically you...
  • Skid Steer Maintenance Series 1

    When it comes to maintaining your skid steer, where do you start? It’s the old question; “Which comes first? The chicken or the egg? We’re going to cover this in a series. A priest once told me that “the mind can absorb what the seat can endure” I would suggest we start with where we meet the road: Skid Steer Tires and wheels. Why? Even if your machine runs great you’re not going anywhere on a flat tire or broken track. So let’s start from the bottom up. I’m not going to suggest that skid steer owners are tight, but...
  • Frost and Freezing - Break Out Force

    “Break out Force” sounds like the title in a movie. So what exactly is break out force? It can be a complicated explanation concerning pivot points, circuits, and lift arms based on SAE standards. How does this number affect you or why should this number even concern you? Well it does give you the ability to know your machine, and it’s limits, a little better. If you are shopping for a machine ask the question about operating weights and break out Force, including tipping weight.. In simple terms break out force is the amount of force (measured in pounds) generated...
  • What is Your Environmental Responsibility?

    What is your “environmental responsibility” when excavating or starting a construction project? Well the first thing you’ll want to do is call before you dig or start to move dirt and secure the proper permits. You’ll need to check with Federal, state and local authorities. We also discussed safety in the past, and doing a site survey is also an important part of your overall project. Know the terrain and environment surrounding your project as well as the type of soil, and any climate considerations. Ok, so now you have the permits in your hand and are ready to start...
  • SkidSteer Safety Overview

    I would think that if you are reading this article you are aware of exactly what a skidsteer is. You know also they are workhorses, and very versatile with the many quick change attachments. These attachments can range from skid steer buckets to grapples, augers to blades, tree shears to brush cutters and log splitters. If you can think of it then there will be an attachment for it. These machines can get into places where the big boys can’t. What we need to address however is the safety aspect of these machines. Whether you’re on a farm, construction site...
  • Skid Steer Buckets: Know Your Material Weights

    Skid steers are heavy pieces of machinery built for efficiency and labor-saving in industries like construction, landscaping, farming and mining. They have lift arms which are used to attach a wide variety of skid steer attachments, including skid steer buckets. As a skid steer operator, it is important to know three different capacities before operating with a bucket attachment. These capacities include your tipping capacity, and the two types of bucket capacities, heap capacity and struck capacity. Tipping capacity is the most important of the 3 capacities that you should be aware of. Tipping capacity refers to the amount of...
  • Yard Work And Snow Removal Made Easy

    Some people think that yard and lawn work is easy, only to find out that they bit off more than they can chew. Yard work is time consuming depending on what needs to be done. Things like clearing snow and spreading gravel on the driveway can be very time-consuming and not to mention, hard work when using the conventional way of shoveling. Shoveling is a good way to get exercise; however, most people do not have the time to spend several hours just to finish these jobs. To make the job easier, there are two videos that show how to...
  • How To Operate A Bobcat Loader To Remove Snow

    What’s the easiest way to clear the snow off your property? Do you dig it with a shovel? It will take you several hours just to finish removing snow that way. According to Room4MoreEnterprises, you should use a skid steer to clear the snow.  If you are interested on how to remove snow using a skid steer, then you should watch the video here.
  • The Real Jack of All trades

    People say that the skid steer is the jack of all trades when it comes to heavy equipment, due to the number of jobs that it can do. On its own, the skid steers are functional to be used for a variety of jobs. However, because they can be installed with different attachments, the number of jobs that the skid steer is capable of handling is even bigger. Keith Gribbins even compared the skid steer to the movie Transformers in which the robots can transform into different vehicles in his article “Skid Steers Are the Stars of the Compact Equipment...

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