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Summary of Posts: April 12 2014

This week we discussed the following topics:

We learned that we can minimize skid steer risk through training in Dean Rose’s article. We also learned in this article how we can get training and where we can get it.

We also found out what other people think are the best brands of skid steer for most people. The thread started by Bubba in Heavy Equipment forums told us that most people think that Bobcat is one of the best skid steer brands followed by Case and CAT.

A thread in the Miller’s forums created by Blackroc entitled “Skid steer boom attachment” gave us an idea what a boom attachment is and what advantages it can give to the skid steer, like allowing it to lift a 500 pound weight.

We also learned through the Official FFA organization blog written by Curtis Goettel that we can buy a limited edition, high tech skid steer and help the charity together in his article.

A Youtube video uploaded by Wagner59270 showed us how we can use the skid steer to load and unload things from a dump truck.

Finally, we read an article about things you can do before buying a skid steer to ensure that you will be able to buy the best skid steer and use it wisely to prevent damage to health and property.

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