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Summary of Posts: April 22nd 2014

This week we have discussed the following topics:

Before using any equipment, including skid steers, you should read the instructions from the manual and be familiar with the equipment’s safety features and controls. eHow contributor Keith Allen discusses other skid steer safety measures to be considered.

Skid steers are not limited to only one function. In fact, they can be considered as a “jack-of-all-trades.” Find out the many uses of a skid steer  to make the most of this equipment.

Before you buy a skid steer, you should know the basic information about this piece of equipment and how to buy a quality used one.

If you are a new user of skid steer, Traci Vandermark’s article on how to drive a skid steer loader will be helpful. But, before driving, make sure you know the basic operations of this equipment.

There are two designs of skid steer loader available in the market. Though both are very useful in accessing confined areas, D. Swain provides five advantages of a mini skid steer over the compact one.

Finally, a thorough discussion on choosing your skid steer was presented.

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