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Summary of Posts: April 27th 2014

This week, we discuss the following topics regarding skid steers:

We learn through Greg Peterson’s article in, “Skid Steer Rebound,” that used case skid steers are now fetching better prices in auctions.

We watch a hilarious video uploaded by chaldoking6969, “Skid steer Accident! Mustwatch =D,” which, however, is also a reminder of the constant hazards that skid steer operators face. This video teaches us to never force a skid steer to do something when it is already having some trouble.

We learn in the thread started by thomlynn05 in the Plowsite forums titled “Skid Steer Rates?”  that the rates of the skid steer rental varies depending on several factors like what the type of work needs to be done and, sometimes, the distance to the fuel station.

A news article in covers a skid steer accident, where the operator suffered what the doctors described as “soft tissue injuries to the groin”. This article, “Reversing skid steer loader crushes crown jewels,” reminds us how dangerous skid steers can be.

We learn that because of the dangers that farm workers constantly face from their work, like when using a skid steer, the NFMC and PDPW are now conducting training seminars which will help them work safer around the farm and when working with skid steers.

Finally, we wrap the week up with a commentary on the importance of practicing safety precautions when using skid steers: “Focus on Skid Steer Safety.”


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