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Summary of the week March 4th 2014

This week, we went over the following topics:

As a guide for contractors or construction employers, Agriville has opened up its forums for a thread on the things to look for in skid steers.

Aside from choosing skid steers to buy, there are other topics and issues that operators may have to ask. A good place to get information and support with this is The Skid Steer Forum.

Skid steers increase the efficiency of the work that can be done in a shorter amount of time and with less effort. To learn how they work and operate, Karim Nice shares an article on Skid Steer operation.

Despite all the benefits of using skid steers, it is also no secret that loading them can be quite a task. For those who have no ramps (or don’t want to use one), here’s a rather clever video of loading skid steers without using ramps.

As with all kinds of operation and work, safety is always the top priority, protecting workers and the people surrounding the work area. The Bobcat Company uploaded this YouTube video about Skid Steer loading safety.

Finally, we conclude the discussions about skid steers - their functions, tips on usage, forum support, loading techniques and safety measures in The Practical Uses and Information on Skid Steers.

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