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The Practical Use of Skid Steers and Other Useful Information

Not everyone knows what a skid steer is by its name but everyone has probably seen one. Skid steers are very useful heavy equipment which can handle a variety of work.  They are often seen in many construction sites carrying soil, gravel, or other construction materials.
Karim Nice wrote about how skid steers work on his How Caterpillar Skid Steer Loaders & Multi Terrain Loaders Work post.  Karim detailed what skid steers can do and how exactly they operate. Skid steers use two joysticks to control their operation. Karim explains that controlling the two joysticks simultaneously only ‘look’ complicated at first, but with a little practice, controlling the skid steer becomes easy. The skid steer’s left joystick is used to control the direction while the right joystick controls the operation of the loader. To efficiently control the skid steer, both joysticks must work together.

Karim also differentiates the difference between skid steers and multi-terrain loaders. He said that while both may look the same or have the same use, skid steers use wheels, while multi-terrain loaders use tracks. Because the multi-terrain loader has tracks it has more stability and can be used even on slippery terrain which wheels can have difficulty navigating.

Karim’s post about how the skid steer works is a very helpful guide for anyone who wishes to find detailed information about them.  If you need additional information about skid steers, the is a place where people exchange discussions about them and talk about the different skid steer manufacturers and where they can be bought. Members of the forums also help each other out when someone encounters other problems with their skid steer.

Another place for discussions and questions about skid steers is While skid steers are considered construction equipment, they can also be used in agriculture.  One forum member asked for a skid steer for transferring calves and cattle, as they can also be used for carrying farm products and other farm work.  Agriville has an interesting discussion about What to Look for in a Skid Steer.

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